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The Monrovi™ Straightening Brush
The Monrovi™ Straightening Brush
The Monrovi™ Straightening Brush
The Monrovi™ Straightening Brush

The Monrovi™ Straightening Brush

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 "The Power of a Straightener With The Simplicity Of a Classic Hairbrush"

Finally, an easier way to straighten your hair without the usual heat damage. Introducing -The Monrovi™ The smarter and safer way to get that straightened look.

Made with special heated ceramic elements and fine comb bristles that heat up in seconds and straightens hair in just one pass through. You'll love that you'll save tons of time when getting ready.

This patented technology causes less heat damage and prevents any scalding or burning. You'll have smooth, straightened hair without the worries of excessive heat damage.

The Monrovi™ comes with five adjustable heat settings that are suitable for all hair types. Whether it's curly, frizzy, dull and even fine hair. 

If you're looking for safe and super effective, then this is the perfect solution. Saves you tons of time with less heat damage and best of all... Smoother, natural hair in minutes.


Time Saver- Saving you tons of time getting prepared and still gives twice the effectiveness allowing you to work smarter and not harder.

Less Damage- Which allows you to straighten out your hair safely without the risk of excessive heat damage and burning. Making it a better alternative to your traditional flat iron.

Adjustable- Comes with four different heat settings to cater to all specific needs. Whether you have curly, frizzy, or fine hair we've got you covered.


 What Others Are Saying About The Monrovi™ Straightener

 "My hair is thick with very determined waves. This is the only hair care product that I have found that tackles my wavy hair. The 5 different heat settings are great and for my coarse waves, the highest setting works like a charm. Thank you for this product! 5 stars!! Mary A.

 "This is so much better than a traditional straightening comb" Shureese M.

 "This product straightens all hair strands no not or tangles or burnt ends like flat irons. As long as you use any heat protection you can always touch up again with no heat damage. No need to blow dry hair"

 "I absolutely love that you can put this against your scalp and it does not burn. Absolutely kid friendly no more burning edges. My daughter has 4c hair after using this I did NOT need to flat iron her at all. Would definitely recommend this product" Michelle B.

 " I already knew that I did not want to use the straightener in its highest setting because I did not want my hair to be burnt or damaged so I did use it on the setting for which is recommended for dark hair not necessarily tight thick curly hair. When I tell you this straightener got my hair bone straight it got it bone straight" Shaunda K.

 *When ordering please be sure to order the correct plug for your country.

How To Use

  • Make sure your hair is completely dry before beginning use.
  • Simply plug in and turn the straightener on.
  • Wait 3 minutes for it to reach the optimal temperature.
  • Brush through your hair going from the roots to the ends until desired smoothness is achieved. Multiple passes through the same strands will not damage hair.
  • When finished switch the straightener off and unplug it. waiting for it to cool down before putting away.                                                                Satisfaction  Guarantee- If for any reason you feel this product isn't for you feel free to send us an e-mail and we'll promptly refund your money. No questions asked.

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